Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eighteen Days

I just got back from home again with my car. I didn't mention that I didn't sell it and then thought it was a brilliant idea to fix it. I think maybe that was a mistake. I had to split the $3,300 fee on two credit accounts. I am in debt again and I something makes me think that I wont be able to sell my car. Fiddlesticks.

Eighteen days. I am hungover and extremely anxious. Work party last night. Kind of a goodbye, kind of not. Drank too much and acted bad. "Aren't you excited?? I am so excited for you." um...yeah. Excited. Why am I not more excited?

I am starting to freak out about all the money. Where am I going to find the money? I need to learn to pray I guess. Dear God, please may I have some money? Amen.

Sorry for the rant. I am off to work a double.

Old Car


  1. 18 days!!! Yay for you!

    P.S. ummm... no thanks on the car though.


  2. I just found your blog in a roundabout way and I love it. Good for you for taking the plunge and becoming a gypsie. Are you driving cross country? If your car will make it, you should. Everyone should at least once.

  3. I am driving across the country! I am taking a Penske truck. Its going to be nuts.