Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Halfway There (or things I am learning from running)

Fifty miles today. I left my house having run forty-eight miles in fifteen days, and at the two mile mark (which is the most excruciating uphill point of my course) I made a feeble attempt at pumping my arms in the air in celebration. Fifty miles. After three more miles, I am halfway there. If I can complete this, I get a new pair of shoes.

It is still hard to force myself out into the world to run, but once I do I am flying. I am learning to recognize the voice that tells me its ok to stop and walk or just stop all together. I am learning to shut that voice down before it has a chance to speak. I am remembering Coach Walsh's words from cross country a million years ago; especially, "Pain is weakness leaving your body." I am working on abolishing weakness from my life, however slowly.

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