Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Strawhat Auditions

Failure number one.

The strawhat auditions are somewhat difficult to get accepted into. I know they personally didnt allow one of my best actor friends to attend. I was so excited to get accepted in November. A mass audition for a huge group of regional theatres ready to cast their summer stock! Something very prestigious? Something where a good job could be had for the taking.


This was a mass audition so theatres could cast decent actors in their internship programs, make them pay almost $1,000 and have them move chairs all summer.

There were college musical theatre students EVERYWHERE. Warming up, hugging each other. Singing their Rents and their Wickeds and calling their moms talking about callbacks in the hallway.

They are in shape. I am not. This is something I very painfully came to terms with yesterday.

Not to mention all the good theatres left before monday.

Not that I felt great about my audition.


Also I pretty much stopped running. I could blame the snow or too much work, but Ive stopped. I can feel it.


The Strawhat Callback Wall 1pm
My name is on one of these.



  1. It's OK to fail, everyone fails. Just try again. It reminds me of a quote by Samuel Beckett: "Ever tried, ever failed, no matter. Try again, fail again, fail better." You need this poster: http://www.keepcalmgallery.com/prints/lpfail-fail_better.htm?browse=1
    Also, I'm glad to see your running stop was only temporary. Congrats on your half marathon! Keep blogging!

  2. :)it's okay to go slow, as long as you don't stop :)