Monday, June 17, 2013

I Once Was Lost

It's been awhile.

When I was young I would stop writing in my journal because some time had passed and I didn't want to have to do a big old "... Last Time in the LIFE OF EMMA..." and I don't really want to do that here because it will go unnoticed in the wash of archives. Plus this is mostly for me, and maybe I want it to be more professional. Not sure.

Obviously. I am becoming a teacher. On my thirtieth birthday, I was accepted into the New York City Teaching Fellowship for special education. I am a member of "Cohort 24" which sounds very intense, or communist. Comrade 24? Maybe it sounds like jail.

I have been waiting tables for the past forever years. Supposedly everyone in this program graduated from Harvard. How I slipped through I am not sure I will ever know.

Feel free to mourn for the loss of my desire to pursue acting in New York. I am not sure I feel like explaining that right now. It will all come out, or not. Maybe I can't explain...

So today is the NEW FELLOWS ORIENTATION!!! I have completed countless online classes, quit my job, freaked out about health insurance, gotten excited, gotten upset, decided this was my chosen path by God, decided I was making a huge mistake and today I am putting on a skirt and heading into the abyss. A new life. A big fat new start.

Maybe I'll document it. Maybe I'll get lost again. But for today I wanted to show up and say I'm alive and I am trying this new thing and if anyone wants to wish me luck that would be amazing because pretty sure no one reads this blog anymore and if they do they've been sorely disappointed for the past three years.

Hello again.

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