Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ventura Boulevard

The Arclight is on Sepulveda Blvd. (Seh-pull-vuh-duh.) It's on of the many hard to sound out street names. (Doheny and Cahuenga are others.) Anyway, its 1.8 miles from my house.

We went to see Borat. My sister has ADD and decided she wanted to wait it out at the bar without telling any one else. So I went looking for her for twenty minutes until I finally turned my phone back on (I WAS IN A MOVIE!!) and found a text from her saying "at the bar."

So we missed the movie. And we had been drinking. So we walked home.

This is a picture documentary of our walk.

I call it


View of the Freeway from the bar at the Arclight


My sister and me.

Everything must go. Going out of Business.

Going Out of Business and
"Help Wanted. Experience Required"
Ironic, anyone?

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  1. TRUE. how ironic! Going out of Business? Help Needed? ... Maybe they needed help to go out of business??? ...^^ TC.