Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aroma Cafe

I haven't called any of my friends from college in a long time. I have become a hermit of sorts, seeing only my boyfriend, sister and roommate day after day. I decided maybe this isn't healthy.

So, I had lunch with my friends Sally* and Jessie* today at Aroma Cafe. They are old college friends who I used to get drunk at the clubs with. Oh how I miss my early twenties! Anyway recently I had kind of written them off for being immature and passive aggressive and other things I didnt like. Its not that they are bad people. They are wonderful, caring, very intelligent and talented women who I had forgotten that I loved.

(I will get my own pictures soon...on my list of things to do: bring camera everywhere.)

I was thinking last night about having a going away party. I know its three months away, but what I was thinking was that a lot of people wouldnt come. I haven't burned bridges, just let them go to disrepair, if you will. So I texted Jessie. And now I have friends again.

Something is happening. Maybe I am getting more mature or more needy. Either way, in this moment, I am happy to have seen my friends today.

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  1. Reconnecting with old friends is wonderful!