Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Self Pity and other Useless Emotions

Ok so work kinda sucked. My boss thought it would be funny to tell me to come in at 4:45 (oh man its really NOT that good of a story) but I walked the ten minutes it takes to get there (if I walk fast) and he said, "Oh Emma! Didnt you hear me say I was kidding? You were here late on the lunch shift! You really thought I would let you only have a forty five minute break?" Needless to say I was fuming. (Actually I was so fuming my eyes were watering, like I was CRYING people!)

I decided I was being over emotional and, since I havent been sleeping well, I needed to take a nap.

Work sucked and I come home and find THIS PICTURE:


Oh. My. God.


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