Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So I was thinking...

I am not blogging because a part of me thinks that my life is in limbo. Like I am waiting for this whole NEW YORK THING to happen to me. But I am still here in Los Angeles, what, ROTTING AWAY? Well...yes. My whole life is on hold. Why? I still have an agent, a drivers licence, a computer, a life! Maybe for a little while, I should blog about my mundane life here in Shithole, USA.

Post one:

I voted today! Probably my last time in California. There are all these crazy propositions! A-F. According to John and Ken, I should have voted no on all of them. According to LA times, and the teachers' union (to which I belong even though i was laid off from LAUSD) think I should have voted yes. Well I dont think they are going to pass anyway but I voted for most of them. Southern Calfornia schools and firefighters and whoever else need money. They are seriously firing so many teachers, and I have BEEN in one of those huge classrooms and it is NOT pretty. So I think our taxes may need to be raised to fix this problem. I also dont care if the governator is a hypocrite and jerk.

Other than that, I am just working today. Lame. People really get to me sometimes at my job. They are so needy and ungrateful. Its my job. I should just take it. I am a waiter. A SERVEr. I serve. I do what I am told. Blech.

This is my life right now in Rot Town, Los Angeles. Thank you for reading.

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