Thursday, May 14, 2009

My film

Ok so its not mine but its a little film I was cast in way back in February. Its a real film people! A REEL film! Get it? Ha! But seriously, it has a SAG budget and everything and I play Natalie, the makeup artist from Texas. It will be my swan song to Los Angeles film...for now.

Anyway I went to my fitting yesterday. I BARELY made it on time (well I BARELY made it ten minutes early. You HAVE to be early for these things. If you're not early, you're late. Seriously.) And the director and I have great chemistry. Just the back and forth and comfort kind. Its good. I think we will be pals. I tried on a couple of things and he took pictures and I signed the I9 and the W2 and whatever. It was good fun.

Not too exciting except that this is my first contract. My first REAL paid acting gig. I just wanted to say that. And I like the project and the director says its a shoe-in for Sundance so la di da. That would be nice. Utah in the winter is my all time dream. (Thats not a joke.)

Here's hoping ( my true occupation)

It's not Hollywood. It's Glendale, but it works.

Picture from this flickr photog.

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