Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Setback #3 - The Moving Violation

I got a ticket today.

It sucks.

It’s really easy to think that the world is against you and why me when I hear people speeding by my f**ing house every darn day. What the hell? I am a good person! I drive safely!

I wasn’t even speeding.

Something about an unsafe left turn.

The truth is I almost got into a HUGE accident, and if I were the police I would have pulled me over too. I didn’t see the car coming for me and swerved and missed it and another car also. Someone is watching out for me. Someone who probably feels pretty damn unappreciated right now. Do you know how BAD this could have been??

I still cried uncontrollably for about two hours. I still called my boyfriend and made it his problem while he was working a sixteen hour day. Let’s try not to think about the fact that I got another ticket less than eighteen months ago so it’s going on my record and my insurance will probably go up AGAIN, when it’s already over $300 a month.

But here’s the DEAL: when I move to NEW YORK, I won’t need a car and I won’t need insurance or points or anything. So there. F-you Los Angeles. You can’t beat me.

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