Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steps (a table of contents)

Six and a half months until I venture across this wide country for the other side. I keep thinking of things I need to do before then. I have to tie up loose ends on this life before beginning to unravel another.

There are things I want to do in Los Angeles before I leave. Aren’t there? I have an ex-boyfriend who personifies everything that is good about this place. (Yes it all fits into one person). Every time I think about exploring Los Angeles I think of him. Stupid girl to date him. I really miss his friendship which is all I really wanted in the first place. When he asked me to be exclusive I had an anxiety attack. I often find myself in situations that I am too scared to get out of. Anyway I digress...or am I being too poignant?

1. Tell acting teacher and quit acting class. Step one: Accomplished

2. Go back to Playhouse and brush up.

3. Get out of debt. (I think I’m about $3000 in the hole to BofA and Wells Fargo)

4. Lose five pounds

5. Stock up on headshots (or get new headshots. Not sure 3. and 5. go together)

6. Complete The Artist's Way (which I have tried to do about sixty times. Do you think I can start where I left off?)

7. Get into the habit of RUNNING EVERY DAY!!! (this is a near impossibility, but it would probably make me ten times the person I am now)

8. Meet with manager and agent and end things cordially

9. Quit being such a freaking pansy.

1 comment:

  1. #4. Easy. Just do some yoga, go run 3 miles, then later do some TaiChi. Repeat for 1 week. goal accomplished! -Which is exactly what I do, but I have the problem of trying to gain some weight, I have to eat almost 3000 calories a day to not loose a pound, so if you wish to give me the 5 pounds you dislike, I'd gladly accept. (damn 17 year old metabolism)
    #5. Head shots? Who are you killing? XD
    #7. Easy, trust me, I run cross country and track, it becomes fuuun. Especially if you find a group or a club and you run with other it makes it entertaining, if your not tired you can talk to another, and it motivates yourself being with others rather than being alone!
    #9. Yeah! You pansy!