Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love L.A. (sometimes)

Ok not really, but sometimes. I keep thinking that I should publish a post with all the things I do love about L.A. like...

1. My sister is here.
2. My amazing apartment
3. Griffith Park
4. The Getty
5. Jasmine in the spring (inspiration for this post today)
6. Hopeful artists from all over the world
7. The Farmer's Market at the Grove
8. The Ahmanson
9. The Hollywood Sign
10. The Central Los Angeles Library
11. Downtown Los Angeles
12. The way that the coolest places are hidden in strip malls and down alleys
13. Malibu beaches and Neptune's Net
14. The kids at Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School
15. Midori Sushi where the waitress knows me, my sister, my boyfriend, our drink orders and whether or not we want the usual.
16. My walk to work
17. Auditioning at Warner Brothers when the tour bus drives by and everyone thinks you might be somebody
18. Bill Handel and KFI 640 am
19. Trivia Nights at Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill

I think I need one good picture of each of these things before I leave.

Next list...Things to experience in Los Angeles before I move the Heck away from it...

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