Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am working on a budget for my trip to New York. I figured out (thanks to the great Google Maps) that if my (future and current) roommate, Michael and I want to take the south route it's going to be about 3,300 miles. According to Google, that’s two days. Were thinking ten! Insane. It is going to be the single most terrifying adventure of my life. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, I must say, blogging is new to me, and reading the blogs of all kinds of amazing people has become my private (guilty?) passion. And, confession of the day, I am scared to follow all these blogs because what if they don’t like me? Do they want me to follow them? Maybe I’m too much of a heathen to be anywhere near the beautiful pictures of their children and amazing crafts they make.

I can't help it today, though. One of my favorite bloggers, Marta from Marta Writes published a serendipitous post today. She shares my passion for New York, and I just know I am going to be referring to her post a hundred times when I get to the big apple. (It’s so nice to talk like that, "When I get there.") So anyway. Her blog is awesome. It put a sparkle in my morning that I just had to share...

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  1. Blogs are my private (guilty) passion too! I love reading about other peoples lives, especially if they are in a different part of the country than I. I was drawn to yours as I have always wanted to move to New York too. I just do not have enough balls! (plus now I am married and have a kid-oh well).