Monday, March 9, 2009

Six Months

I am dreaming on Craigslist today as I have done for years. Only now are my fantasies possible, and even necessary. I have admired apartment rentals on Halstead and Craigslist for years. Now I am actually looking for a real apartment. Of course, my rational self knows that looking for an apartment in March when you’re moving in September is a little ridiculous, but so what? Today the goal is deciding EXACTLY what neighborhoods in Brooklyn I am willing to live in. I don’t really know the area that well. I know that I want to be near the city and in a safe neighborhood. Near a train too.

The list so far:

Park Slope
Windsor Terrace
Prospect Park South
Prospect Heights
Fulton Ferry?
Vinegar Hill?
Bath Beach?

Current apartment love

I would LOVE to live in Park Slope because two sets of friends live there. I love Prospect Park. One set of friends has a three bedroom apartment on the second floor of their building facing the park! My buddy had his bed in such a way that when he wakes up Prospect Park is the first thing he sees. The snow falling outside his window was a sight to behold. And to wake up to that EVERY DAY?? And Prospect Park in the SPRING?? Oh man. This is what happens to me when my fantasies have their way. Anyway...jealous. I can only hope to find something so amazing.


  1. Well goodluck on finding that amazing place to live. ^.^

  2. It doesn't matter that it is March! Have fun looking anyway!