Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do Yourself a Favor

So I have been working my gazankus off at Bizou this week. I am so damn sick of that place that I could scream. I am sick of the customers, of my co-workers, my boss, the bar, the kitchen, just everything. I work in the morning and am done at 3. Then I have to go back at six. This is my break. On my break I read people's blogs and try to make myself disappear.

You know how they tell you that only you can make yourself happy and you have to will things to happen and yadda yadda? How the HELL does anyone actually do that? I mean, I know they are right, but I am so sick of just being downright miz. Is New York going to help this?

I'll tell you what has helped today. This AMAZING blog. Do yourself a favor and read this gloriousness.

Afterwards, if you have time and your eyes don't hurt because you couldn't take them away from the page, read this blog too.

You are welcome.

I'm off to make myself happy.

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