Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goodbye Neptune's Net

Neptune's Net is one of the best places in the Los Angeles Area. My boyfriend and I traveled to Malibu to experience it one last time. We relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the sun. Afterwards we went to lunch at this little shrimp joint overlooking the water. Admittedly, an ex-boyfriend introduced me to it. Said ex-boyfriend had a way of finding the best places in Los Angeles. For a time I could see real beauty in a lot of the little corners of this town. Of course, when current boyfriend and I went to Neptune's Net this weekend, we ran into said ex-boyfriend. This little biker restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean is his territory. I broke up with him. So we respectfully say goodbye to one of the most amazing places in Los Angeles.
Every time I go to Neptune's Net, there are a gazillion bikers parked out front drinking, smoking and feeling the breeze come off of the ocean. For some reason they all see fit to leave at exactly the same time. The roar of their motorcycles is deafening and amazing. I will probably sneak back here one more time this summer. It truly is a diamond in the rough.
And on a personal note. Do you ever see your exes and think, "Oh yeah...THAT'S why I dated you" and its kind of a relief? Ex-boyfriend in question is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. I wasn't romantically attracted to him. I wanted to BE him. He has an ability to be in the moment and appreciate little things that I really wish I had in myself. Ah. Memories of youth and mistakes past. Los Angeles has seen so many of mine...

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